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Playing for adults that's why you should do it too

When you think of play, you probably think of (small) children. But did you know that playing is also very important for adults? Playing for adults that's why you should do it too.

Children and play

It is well known that it is important for children to play. By playing they learn a lot of new skills and develop their fine motor skills. Depending on the game, they learn that you can't always win or they learn to work together. Children's toys are always age-appropriate and match the development of your child. The older your child gets, the more complicated the games become. For teenagers, for example, it often involves games of skill or thinking games.

Yet no one realizes that playing for adults also has many benefits. Moreover, there are also all kinds of fun games for adults.

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Play for adults that's why you should do it too

You will see on numerous games for the age category indicated suitable for players from 6 – 99 years or from 8 – 99 years. This indicates that they are games that are fun to play at any age. Whether that is with your child or together with your partner or with friends during a pleasant evening with friends. This often concerns games such as Monopoly, Don't get annoyed, Stay Cool (nominated for  Election Toy of the Year 2020) and, for example, Yahtzee.

In addition, there are several games that are only suitable for adults. This is clearly indicated on the packaging. Last year I already wrote a review of the hilarious game What do you meme? Suitable from 18+. But there's more. How about Risk Assassins Greed and Illegal.

All fun games that are perfect for an evening with friends or your partner. Playing is so important because:

  • It helps you to relax, especially if you suffer from stress, burnout, depression or fears
  • Ensures that you are busy with other things than with daily worries
  • Nice way to spend an evening together
  • Depending on the game and the other participants:causes a lot of hilarity or competition

Play to relax

As a child you have freedom and you can still do anything and everything that is not mandatory. Playing is an important part of this. As an adult you are all just doing things that you have to do. You MUST work, you MUST keep your house in order, if you have a family you MUST take care of it. You're on all the time. Sooner or later this can result in persistent stress or in the worst case even a burnout.

It is precisely then that it is important to do something every now and then that is not necessary, but which is allowed. Playing a game is a wonderful pastime that allows you to relax optimally (unless you play with someone who can't stand losing and yes, I speak from experience hahaha). You don't have to do anything except enjoy yourself. This can ensure that you get completely out of stress and relax.

Play to enjoy

Unfortunately, most people spend their evenings in front of the TV or on the phone. That's too bad! Try changing this and have a game night with your partner, family or friends. Bet that this will be a great and unforgettable evening? Especially if you serve some tasty snacks and, in addition to playing, you also laugh and talk a lot with each other.

Playing outdoors

Of course a board game is great fun, but it becomes even more fun if you choose to play outside. When you think of playing outside, you can think of things like jumping an obstacle course or trampoline, a monkey cage for adults or having fun in a water park. All forms of play that give a lot of energy and provide optimal relaxation. And why not have a water fight in the summer? Or play tag with your running mate.

That's why you should play now and then as an adult

There are countless ways to go all out and enjoy yourself. Constantly working on social media will not make you happier. After all, there is no social or human-to-human interaction. There is a screen in between and unless you go video calling you cannot see the other person's emotions. The tone of voice is also difficult to determine with a written word.

Put your phone aside and go play. Choose a fun board game or go outside for a challenge. Just do what makes you feel good and where you can relax optimally and get away from the daily worries.

Do you ever play games? If so, what is your favorite game?