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Grandparents and grandchildren's holidays:inventory

Grandparents and grandchildren s holidays:inventory

According to a survey conducted by Opinium Research for the Groupon merchant site, 65% of parents have their children looked after by grandparents during their holidays. 24% of children aged 8 to 10 have already gone on vacation with or with their grandparents, according to figures from the Observatory for Seniors. The 15 million current grandparents in France are often asked to take care of their grandchildren during the holidays, privileged moments to establish and strengthen the bond with them

Holidays with grandparents:a link between generations

Going on vacation with grandparents is not only a reassuring environment for grandchildren, but it is also special moments to share. Grandparents are delighted to tell their grandchildren where the family comes from by leafing through photo albums with them, telling them about their memories. This can be an opportunity to meet family members such as cousins ​​for example and, for grandchildren, to become part of a family line that participates in the construction of their own identity and their relationship to time.

Organizing holidays with the grandchildren

Also respect the time of the grandparents

Today's grandparents, the baby boomer generation, are in their 60s and 70s. They are mostly active seniors. They travel, they play sports, they have a rich friendly life, they volunteer in associations, etc. The arrival of grandchildren during the holidays must take into consideration the time that grandparents can devote to them.

It is up to them to organize their time with their grandchildren and not up to the parents to impose instructions on them with regard to the duration of the stay, the organization of the children's activities, etc. While most grandparents are happy to take care of their grandchildren during the holidays, 25% still consider it a chore for them according to a survey carried out by OpinionWay for Belambra, player in the holiday village and tourist residence sector.

Taking care of the grandchildren

Depending on their age, the organization of holidays with grandchildren must take different forms. Before the age of 3, it is still time for cuddles and bursts of laughter punctuated by meals and naps. From 3 to 6 years old, grandchildren need more activities:colouring, walks, cooking, etc., so strong moments to share. From 7 to 11 years old, grandchildren are independent and already have passions (sport, music, etc.) to which grandparents must adhere while helping them discover their own hobbies.

In adolescence, grandchildren ask that we listen to them. At this age, grandparents also have a role to play during a holiday together by becoming the confidant of their teenage grandchildren. The important thing in these privileged holiday moments is to spend time with your grandchildren, and above all to take the time to share with them small and great pleasures.