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Bullying is not allowed and tips for when you are being bullied

Bullying, teasing, tormenting, inciting, harassing, bullying, glanding, ignoring, cyberbullying, Whatever you call it, it can't be! This week it's “the week against bullying " in Flanders. That's why we stop to think about this with the worry train! Bullying can and should not be tips for when you are being bullied

So many children and adults are bullied

Did you know that 1 in 6 children has to deal with this?

Did you know that 1 in 30 has to deal with this on a daily basis?

Did you know that 1 in 7 adults feels bullied?

These numbers speak for themselves! It's way too much!

In the development of children and young people, bullying still remains one of the biggest problems

The bullied person has to take so many insults or bullying that this is usually something that this person carries with them all their life! This is often experienced as a trauma. The fear that the behavior will repeat itself is very great. Losing self-confidence, fears, sleeping problems, worrying, depressed feelings, panic attacks, eating problems, harming oneself, ... even suicide.

I could go on and on with examples of what this does to the victim.

As a victim you have such a great feeling of powerlessness and you are usually alone in front of! That reinforces the feeling of powerlessness even more!

Unfortunately, we also have to conclude today that there is a lot of bullying in the workplace † And very often the boss is aware of this but he or she does nothing about it. Or worse, he or she just participates. When the supervisor participates in bullying behaviour, this is experienced as one of the worst forms of bullying.

I wonder why so few witnesses take action against the bullying? Are they afraid of being bullied themselves? Probably, but this is not yet a reason to close your eyes to these kinds of actions. Is there peer pressure? So never let yourself be dragged along to bully.

It often takes a very long time to realize that the person is being hurt. This is often seen as “That person is not feeling well”,

Bullying can be traumatizing

Victims often have to deal with the trauma through therapy, especially when the trauma suffered dominates the victim's life!

Do not hesitate to find a suitable therapist to process this.

What should you do if you are being bullied?

To talk! Look for someone you can trust. At school this can be a teacher or a student counselor. At work you can usually contact someone from the prevention service.

Make it negotiable at work k.

Do you see someone being bullied?

Don't just let this happen, but speak to your colleague and offer a listening ear! It is important that you show compassion. Try to stay neutral because every story has its 2 sides. Listen carefully !

If necessary, look for a solution together. Indicate to the bully that you do not approve of this behavior. NEVER accept bullying !

The signal you give to the bully that you do not approve of his or her behavior is very important.

Don't wait too long, otherwise the problem will most likely only get worse.

Keep a diary

Write your thoughts off of you † It will help you organize everything in your head. When you have put your worrying thoughts on paper, your brain will rest. Because you know it won't be forgotten now that it's written. You can check what needs to change. And how you will take action. Who will help you with this. If several facts have happened, your diary can help you to display everything in a chronological way.

Remember that there is never a good reason to bully! You don't have to be beaten or locked up because it can be called "bullying". Ignoring someone is also a form of bullying that should not be tolerated.

I hope some of you have the courage to do something about bullying!

Kind regards,