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How do I blow my baby's nose with a cold?

How do I blow my baby s nose with a cold?

Newborns can experience congestion for a variety of reasons, including colds and allergies. Congestion can interfere with your baby's ability to feed and cause general discomfort. Since babies do not have the skills and abilities to blow their nose, you need to clean your child's nasal passages for him. This process is simple and an important skill for any new parent to learn. In the past, you would have sucked excess mucus from your child's nose with your mouth.

Now you can go to almost any baby store and probably many pharmacies and buy a baby fly.

How do I blow my baby s nose with a cold?

Keeping excess mucus under control can also prevent skin infections caused by mucus leaking around a child's nose.

The best way to remove it is to use a suction device like a baby fly.

How to use the baby nasal aspirator?

Place your baby on her back on a flat surface like her changing table. Squeeze 1 drop of saline solution into each nostril. The saline solution will loosen the mucus, making it easier to eliminate.

Squeeze the baby fly so that the bulb is compressed. Gently insert the suction device into the middle of one of your baby's nostrils and release the bulb. The blister will open, sucking in air and mucus. Remove the baby nose from your baby's nostril and repeat the process in their other nostril.

Assess your baby's breathing once you've cleared the mucus from both nostrils. Continue to suck mucus from his nose until he can breathe comfortably.

It's not a pretty process, but a job well done will help your child breathe easier and rest better and it's worth it for the whole family!