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8x Embarrassing Moments As A Mother Of Young Children:Which One Is On Your List?

Embarrassing moments:As a mother, I've been through enough. Afterwards I can laugh heartily about it, but at the moment I prefer to sink through the ground. “Embarrassing!”, I think, as the shame appears on my jaws. Another time I shrug, because I know this is just part of motherhood. Below are eight examples of embarrassing moments, luckily not all of which I experienced myself 😉 , but some of them did. What is your most embarrassing moment as a mother?

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Embarrassing moments, 8x akward moments as a mother

You can cry or sink through the ground in such a case. We all know them, those embarrassing moments, but as a mother you just have a few more to add to this list!

Leaky breasts in public

It already starts when you are just a mother and breastfeeding. Your closet is full of breast pads to stuff your new nursing bra with. Not for an extra cup size, which you already have, but to prevent leaks. That sanitary pad for your tits (sorry ladies, isn't it?) needs to be changed regularly and has become a necessary part of your bra.

I bet every mother has forgotten that at some point, which certainly makes for an embarrassing moment. And you often only notice that when your baby starts to cry and the milk runs out of your nipples. Too late! "Honey, I think something isn't right," you hear your partner say, looking at your shirt. That may not be such an embarrassing moment at home, but you can bet that you don't feel comfortable in a restaurant, visiting acquaintances or at work!

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Embarrassing moments:working with vomit stains in your blouse

“You have something on your shoulder there,” your colleague says. The moment you hear it, you already know what it is. A puke stain from your sweetie that just went off the burp cloth this morning. You were in such a rush to get out the door that you forgot to put on a clean shirt. And there you are, with the sour milk in your blouse, ready to start your conversation with a customer. Embarrassing, but definitely recognizable. Next time check your clothes before you go out 😉 .

Your baby spits or poops on someone else

Some embarrassing moments are just as bad for others as they are for the mother. A small person can let out enormous amounts of vomit and poo, even when it is sitting on the lap of the visitor. "Ah, look, his face is turning all red. He poops, how cute!'. It is less cute when aunt feels that her legs are getting very warm. And moist. Because even the best nappy can't always stop a full layer of diarrhoea. Maybe you can already warn visitors about your own poop factory by putting on matching clothes for your baby 😉 .

Your toddler's tantrums in the supermarket

The tantrums that toddlers can have are also part of growing up. But you don't think about that when your child is screaming on the floor in the middle of the supermarket. No matter how strong you are, the looks of other people can still make you feel embarrassed.

Hang in there, you're not alone! Most mothers have experienced this at one time or another. And if it's not lying on the floor, it is hanging in the shopping cart or running through the aisles. Do you want to know how relaxed a mother of three daughters copes with toddlerhood?

“Mom, are you pooping?” Talk about embarrassing moments!

Even sitting on the toilet alone can be an embarrassing moment as a mother. During a day out you go to the toilet and your child casually shouts through the room:“Mom, are you pooping?”. It doesn't even matter if the answer is "yes or no". The uneasy feeling is already there.

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The discovery of a tampon

“Mom, what is this?” my five-year-old yelled from the bathroom. She held up a tampon questioningly. “Uhm… a wimp”, I said quickly. Later came the question of what exactly that what you was for. Daughter is now 8 and she knows what it is for, yet this also causes embarrassing moments. I then get the question if she can see what that tampon looks like when it's full of blood. Uhm…NO!

Your child will find your vibrator

More embarrassing than finding a tampon might be finding a vibrator. Where a tampon can still be a wimp, I'm curious what excuse you would come up with if your child finds your vibrator or other sex toy. I heard from a mother who said it was a thermometer. What would you say in such an embarrassing moment? Or do you just insist that you don't have these at home?

Your child says honestly that the children's party was not fun

Not so long ago, Youngest Son was invited to a children's party. He enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with friends and classmates. When he was brought home, I asked him if he'd had a good time. “No, it was the stupidest kids' party ever!” he said as mom and boyfriend stood by. Turns out he had already said that on the way back in the car. Oops, I could have fallen through the ground! Fortunately, it turned out to be not too bad later on and he was only disappointed that he hadn't won, haha! The next day I explained to the mother and his boyfriend what was going on. And Youngest Son I have explained that it is not so nice to say. We have agreed that he can say this to me when he is back home and his boyfriend is gone.

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