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Birth announcements:how to choose them?

Baby has arrived and you are thinking about how to announce it to your loved ones. Even if most are already aware, the traditional side of making a birth announcement for your child is important.
On the internet, many announcement sites are available to you via a multitude of media, from classic paper announcements to 2.0 announcements.
For our youngest, we wanted to opt for something original and different from what we can see.

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Making the right choices for the announcement

Before embarking on the creation of the birth announcement, you must ask yourself the right questions:

  • Do we want to upload a photo? Most of the time the announcement shows the pretty face of baby or his little hand or his little feet.
  • Which media and format should I choose? The traditional medium is obviously paper, but if you are a connected parent you can just as well choose a virtual announcement! Regarding the format, the choices are varied:square, rectangle, flap, surprise pocket, round shape, heart shape.

An original invitation

Whether the announcement is modern, humorous or graphic, a varied and offbeat choice is available to parents who want to make an impression.

Here are some ideas unearthed on specialized sites:

  • The Origami invitation that allows the family to discover the message and the photos gradually with a playful aspect.

  • Vinyl record invitations:round, original and humorous in the shape of a 45 rpm that will melt music lovers or vintage fans!
  • The scratch card:For a touch of surprise and fun for the whole family, a scratch sticker is stuck on the baby's gender or first name!
  • The DIY announcement:If you wanted to create a unique piece for the arrival of your child, you feel ready to create, so get out the scissors, glue and cardboard sheets and get to work! In addition to being economical, it gives free rein to your imagination! Find lots of DIY ideas on
  • Vintage, retro or how to announce the arrival of your child in an old school way, finding the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Back in force in recent years, you will succumb to Liberty, black and white, and deliberately aged announcements.
  • Chic announcement with lace, relief
  • Birth announcement with kawai animal motif

Source:Birth announcement at Faire-Part De France.

Whatever you choose, your message and inspiration will be there.


You are more like birth announcement “….” ?