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Why does a baby need a blanket?

At the age of eight months, a baby begins to experience the fear of separation. He understands, in fact, at this stage of his life that he is a person detached from his parents. It is also at this age that he begins to adopt a cuddly toy to feel more secure. It can be a teddy bear, a stuffed animal, a blanket, a piece of fabric or another cozy object always on the theme of childhood. Zoom in on this little companion that your baby finds it hard to part with.

Contents 1 What does the cuddly toy represent for your little one? 2 How to choose your baby's cuddly toy? 3 Until what age does a baby need a cuddly toy?

What does the cuddly toy represent for your little one?

The cuddly toy is an important object for the good development and the comfort of baby. He attaches himself to this object because he needs to feel safe and to be reassured. And this is exactly the effect that his little fetish object gives him. The baby comforter recalls the presence and the smell of the parents. It makes the link between the environment that the baby knows and which secures him (you and your home) and the unknown (nursery, daycare, etc.). Having a cuddly toy allows your baby to live the separation better , to have more autonomy and to better experience loneliness (when he sleeps alone in his room at night for example).

How to choose your baby's comforter?

In general, the baby decides for himself to become attached to a comforter, whether it is a flat comforter, a cat plush, a dog plush or any other style that will attract him. You do not like the one for which he has this particular attachment? Know that imposing one on him will not change anything. You need to respect your little one's choice , whether he has adopted a classic cuddly toy, a teddy bear, a blanket or a pillow. On the other hand, if your child is under one year old, prefer a flat comforter to avoid the risk of suffocation.

You have probably already seen how painful it is for a child to lose his cuddly toy. To avoid such a tragedy, always plan ahead. It is always safer to have two or three copies of the comforter to remedy the problems of loss and hygiene. Also take care to wash it regularly to prevent it from getting used to the same smell.

Also know that not all children need to adopt a cuddly toy to take a little piece of your home and your affection with them. You don't have to encourage him to get one if he does not feel and express the need.

Until what age does a baby need a cuddly toy?

Just like the choice of his cuddly toy, the child decides himself to part with it when he no longer feels the need to have one. In general, he leaves his cuddly toy as soon as he can express his feelings (his pain, his boredom, etc.), when he has more confidence or when he begins to make friends. In general, a child no longer takes his cuddly toy around the age of 3 to 6 years. Know that this companion is very important to your child . You must therefore avoid confiscating it from him in case of stupidity, because he could misinterpret your gesture.