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Family in Acadie – New Brunswick / CANADA

From Canada I knew British Columbia for having lived 3 months on Vancouver Island in Victoria almost 20 years ago.

The Province of New Brunswick , let's be honest, I didn't place it on a map at all. And since I think that is the case for many, I show you:

Revise your geography with e-Zabel

So I had the chance to discover the province at the end of June for a short week thanks to the airline Air Transat and New Brunswick Tourism Board . The objective of the tour was to show us as many things as possible to do with the family . Here is an idea of ​​circuit , with my favorites (there are many) and my recommendations (understand:what I will do if I go back there one day with my family, the places where I will stay for a long time and why)

This 1st post will be devoted to northern New Brunswick (from Bathurst, where we landed via Montreal to the Acadian islands of Lamèque and Miscou at the tip of the province):

We start with a quick historical point (thanks Wikipedia ). Because I'm going to speak Acadia, Acadians (all and all) and the province of New Brunswick and suddenly, we get confused easily.

What I learned from it:the Acadians, Francophones, are incredibly kind and patient. They are deeply attached to France where their roots lie. Their culture is fascinating and must be discovered.


*** On the road coming from Barthust to reach Caraquet , first stop at the Grande-Anse Lighthouse for a first whiff of Acadian culture and a good bowl of nature

The Acadian flag is identical to ours, but with an extra star!

At the Acadian Historical Village (to Bertrand) :we spent a short half-day there, but you can easily spend an extra day there and in particular by sleeping on site at the Hotel Château Albert.

More than 40 buildings scattered in an incredible nature reconstruct the life of the Acadians from 1770 to 1949. In each house, you will find at least one character dressed in period costume who will tell you how he lived, what he did as a job. It's simply exciting and I've wanted to settle down with them several times. We also had the impression of being in the Little House on the Prairie (pay your references)

with the school

Mrs. Olson's store

the church

and then this nature, these period houses

*** For families:upon reservation, you can leave the children at the "Youth Camp » for the day so that they visit and do activities in the village (creation of a wooden model boat, weaving rope, etc.)

Caraquet, capital of Acadia! Where to sleep, where to have a drink, where to dine:

Another choice for sleeping not far from the village of Bertrand is in Caraquet:the Super 8 hotel located opposite la Baie-des-Chaleurs (part of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world). You will then be on the harbor with a beautiful children's play area (not to mention the hotel's swimming pool with slide!), but as everyone has the right to have fun... parents, go have a drink at the Broker , THE trendy and so pleasant Acadian bar in the area with Canadian musical entertainment.

For dinner:the restaurant Le Panaché also with a very typical boss.

But also (and especially for their excellent breakfast), the Petit Grain de folie (which is run by recently expatriated French people)

*** 2nd stop:Shippagan then the Acadian islands of Lamèque and Miscou

The New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Center in Shippagan

Before entering and having the children make great discoveries and activities (there too everything is planned for them), take another look at one of the most beautiful Acadian lighthouses in the region.

And so, among other wonders, here is what you will discover inside the aquarium… the famous blue lobster. Which I held in my hand! THE PROOF.

And then the seals of course…

For children:the aquarium offers many activities (in English and French), including Biologist for a Day:every Tuesday and Thursday this summer, for example. Everything is provided for children in the space called "hydrosphere". Warm welcome, fun atmosphere around the discovery of New Brunswick's marine fauna and flora (among others).

We leave Shippangan to take the road towards the end of the province, via the Acadian islands of Lamèque and Miscou, a break is essential around the famous lobster of the region. We must therefore stop for THE encounter on the island of Miscou:la Terrasse à Steve . Over there, we meet Steve and his scullery, filled with lobsters of all colors and sizes, on the small port next door, the fishermen just returning with their boats filled with… lobsters! And we eat … lobster, cooked in many ways (but all excellent). We will not forget, dear parents, the local beers too, while the children play in the sand nearby.

This terrace is really a big human favorite, authentic, natural. Everything I love:including good food!

A few minutes of (deserted) road further, we arrive at the end of Miscou Island and there again... the shock... these spaces, this beauty, this wild nature. The ecology of the island is unique and its wooden lighthouse that you can climb into is not to be missed. You can then enjoy a coffee and a cookie on the seafront terrace.

We take a breath of fresh air (again and always) in the middle of nature, we admire the ecology of Miscou:

In the distance the wooden Miscou lighthouse in which you absolutely must climb.

The view from the lighthouse

Exhibition of pretty buoys inside the lighthouse

** Miramichi :welcome to the English-speaking area!

It's very simple, but we felt the difference, arriving further south in the province:when we arrived at the hotel, we were spoken to directly in English, the air conditioning was on full blast and we were served ice cubes in our water ( TYPICAL North American)

More seriously, to stay in Miramichi the Rodd Hotel is perfect. The rooms on the ground floor are very pleasant with their direct access to the edge of the river.

TO BE CONTINUED:the encounter with the wild Bears…